Tute Hoot! Make fimo teapot charms

fimo teapot charmsread more to find out how to make yourself one of these cute fimo teapot charms…

first get your stuff together:

-some sculpey, fimo or other polymer clay (which is like plasticine, but goes hard when baked)
-a felt-tip pen/something with a flat circle end
-a compass, or similar dangerous, pointy thing
-greaseproof paper laid flat, to protect your lovely furniture

okay, let’s go!

1. roll half the fimo into a sphere. squash it slightly between your thumb and finger.

2. roll two smaller spheres. squash them flat. use the pen to make an indentation in one of these discs. press them to the top and bottom of the teapot.

3. create a dome shape by pressing a sphere against your work surface. it should look a bit like a jelly tot. place this on top of the teapot.

4. for the spout: roll some clay, applying more pressure on one side to create a slimmer end. press firmly to attach this to the teapot, then flick up into a spout shape.

5. for the handle: roll some clay so its narrower at both ends, then bend it into a question-mark like shape. press this firmly onto the other side of the teapot.

6. finishing touches – add a ‘dot’ on top. then take your compass and create a small hole in the spout.please try very hard at this point not to slip and take your eye out.

7. bake according to the instructions on your polymer clay packet. you can also add a lick of glaze/varnish if you prefer it shiny.

finally, to turn it into a charm, attach your findings to the handle.

all done – woop!

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